Vegan Milk Chocolates

Vegan Milk Chocolates: Do they really exist?

Vegan Milk Chocolates

Discover the truth about vegan milk chocolates and how it promises to be better than the regular dairy-based milk chocolates.

Who are Vegans?

Vegans are the people who don’t consume any product which is derived from animals such as dairy, honey, eggs etc. Dairy based milk chocolates include milk as an ingredient which is not acceptable to vegans. There are many reasons to avoid dairy-based milk chocolates like lactose intolerance, allergy to milk and milk derivatives, ethical reasons (mishandling of cows to increase the yield of milk production), environmental reasons (as per a study of University of Oxford, vegan diet can reduce carbon footprint by 73%) etc.

What are vegan chocolates?

There are a variety of chocolate bars that are available in the market. The range/types can come up in the form of Dark Chocolates, Milk chocolates and White chocolates. The principal ingredient is cocoa which is obtained from the cocoa trees so it is vegan by default.

So, here comes the tricky part….

What makes a chocolate non-vegan?

Answer is very simple, the dairy-based milk & the animal origin ingredients make the chocolates non-vegan. This means that mostly the dark chocolates are vegan by default (until it has animal origin lecithin or honey in it) and can be enjoyed without any guilt by vegans or anyone who is lactose intolerant or allergic to milk.

However, what about the people who don’t relish the dark chocolates due to its bitter and strong taste?

Sweet chocolates or Regular chocolates famously have milk (or other dairy derivatives) as an ingredient in it which means that it’s not suitable for vegans. Going vegan and adopting a vegan lifestyle is well addressed for its challenges and hardships.

For many, a life without chocolate is something that weighs heavily on the decision to go vegan.

Who would ever like to give up on chocolates?

The idea that vegans can’t enjoy chocolate is a myth perpetuated by the sheer availability of milk chocolate. Just because the majority of chocolate brands are focusing on non-vegan-friendly chocolates doesn’t mean that going vegan leaves you a world without the hope of ever enjoying a mouth-watering bar of chocolate again. Imagine the feeling of not having a chocolate bar ever in your life after going vegan. We know that it’s hard to imagine a life without chocolate.

So, what is the answer? The answer lies in the vegan milk chocolates!

Luckily, we have a lot of milk alternatives/substitutes available in this diversified world which are unexplored by many. They are tremendously beneficial, healthy and 100% plant based. Among the indigenous variety of plant-based milks, few are hazelnut milk, cashew nut milk, almond milk and oat milk. These are considered to have the closest taste compared to dairy-based milk.

Finding an ingredient only is not enough. The most important and trickier part is to identify the right proportion and combination of these plant-based milks and use them to make a vegan milk chocolate blend that tastes even better than the regular animal-based milk chocolate.

Yes, you heard it right, 100% vegan milk chocolates can taste even better than the animal-based milk ones. And guess what?

Piperleaf has derived the perfect combination which makes delicious plant-based milk chocolates that taste better than the regular chocolates.

In India, it was very difficult to find a vegan milk chocolate which is 100% plant-based and without any harmful additives.

To fill in this void, Piperleaf has taken a step further and launched a range of vegan milk chocolates and vegan dark chocolates in India in the year 2020. So, finally vegans can also enjoy tastier milk chocolates which are 100% plant-based and cruelty free!

Piperleaf vegan milk chocolates have been curated with love using the below ingredients: –

  • Cocoa (Cocoa butter and Cocoa solids)
  • Unrefined Sugar
  • Vegan milk (Ground Hazelnut & Cashew nut)
  • Vegan Flavouring (Natural vanilla flavour)
  • Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin)

About Piperleaf

Piperleaf is proud to say that it is the first Indian vegan company to launch 100% natural vegan milk chocolates enriched with the combination of ground hazelnuts and cashew nuts as a replacement of dairy-based milk. The brand was launched to develop and promote plant-based variants of products like chocolates, dairy alternatives etc. to make them more accessible to vegan and non-vegan people so that everyone can enjoy a cruelty free & healthy lifestyle.

Why switch to Piperleaf?

The addition of nut milks gives Piperleaf’s chocolates a much creamier and smoother texture than other accidentally vegan chocolates. Moreover, these chocolates are handcrafted and made with traditionally stone-ground cocoa beans (a completely authentic and century-old manufacturing process).

Piperleaf ensures that all the ingredients are of the finest quality and Indian origin (Idukki, Kerala), so that we also contribute in the welfare of Indian farmers.

Where can you get Piperleaf Vegan Chocolates?

Our chocolates are available at our official Piperleaf website along with other partner platforms such as Vegandukan, Vvegano, Veganmall, Flipkart, Qtrove etc.

Shop Piperleaf Chocolates here:

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