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Eggless Egg

Humans have been consuming chicken eggs for time immemorial because of the taste, easy availability and health benefits it provides. But with the worldwide demand for protein reaching new heights, the alt protein industry has progressed leaps and bounds. Alt protein is defined as alternative proteins as meat, egg, or dairy products that are plant-based, cultivated, or fermentation-derived. It envisions a food system that provides people with the foods they love — produced without conventional animal agriculture that leads to cruelty and environmental harms. A major part of this industry is the plant-based egg – a healthier and guilt-free alternative to a simple food that is still a staple many feel they can’t live without. Vegan eggs don’t resemble a conventional egg but you’ll be surprised to know that they smell like an egg, taste like an egg, cook like an egg and are healthier than regular eggs! 

There are many reasons why consumers are making the choice to shift to vegan eggs and why many more should. 

Eggless Egg

Firstly, there are detrimental environmental consequences of the meat and egg industry. For every egg consumed, a half a pound of greenhouse gases are produced. Aside from the large amounts of ammonia and carbon dioxide produced, the egg industry also uses large amounts of pesticides. These pollute local waterways and the air (Source: The next reason is the more obvious one, animal cruelty. Chickens are among the most abused animals in our food industry and are tortured in multiple ways. Male chicks are considered useless in the egg industry as they are not suitable for meat production. They are discarded by being gassed, ground up alive or thrown into plastic bags or dumpsters. Females head to a life in the egg industry and they are debeaked (a part of their beak is cut off) so that they don’t hurt other chickens during their intense confinement in cages (Source: PETA). Because of the terrible living conditions, chickens often die in their cages. We urge our readers and customers to educate themselves on this issue by reading up on it and becoming aware of the cruel practices of the egg and meat industry. 

With the world slowly becoming more conscious and putting in efforts to make sustainable and cruelty-free choices, vegan eggs provide the perfect solution. The health benefits that you will derive by making this switch are a bonus. They contain no cholesterol which reduces the risk of heart disease. Vegan eggs are also TMAO-free. This toxic compound is associated with a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. When choline (found in eggs) enters the body, it can be turned into TMAO by gut bacteria (Source: Live Kindly).

One of the main reasons people consume eggs is for the protein, but many vegan egg products also offer high amounts of this nutrient. Major Market Players in the Vegan Egg Industry such as Just Egg, Orgran Foods, Zero Egg, Nabati Foods, Terra Vegane etc. are continuously growing which shows that the future is vegan and we all can play our part in it.

This is why, Piperleaf is coming up with its very own Egg Alternative – Eggishh for every Vegan and Non-Vegan out there who wants to make healthier and sustainable choices. Our vegan eggs are legume-based and are also cruelty-free, soy-free and do not contain any artificial additives. You can use it to make a variety of dishes that you cook using regular eggs including scrambled eggs, omelettes and even in baking. As our egg comes as a premix, it has a longer shelf life as well. 

Cooking with eggs without eggs has never been easier! From hearty breakfasts to light and delicious baked treats, Piperleaf has got you covered. So, let’s switch to more egg-ceptional plant-based alternatives and Vegan It!

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