Let’s Vegan It!

Switching to a Plant Based Healthy Lifestyle

Our story began in the year 2019 when our founder, Anshul Agarwal who had then recently adopted a vegan lifestyle, noticed the void that exists in the plant-based segment. This realization heralded the beginning of Piperleaf, a staunchly plant-based brand led by a team of food technologist professionals with over 10 years of experience. Crafted by the recipes and techniques of our experts, we strive to provide you with the products that you crave the most by adding a touch of plant-based goodness to them.

Crafted by the recipes and techniques of our experts, we strive to provide you with the products that you crave the most by adding a touch of plant-based goodness to them.  In its pursuit to facilitate society’s smooth transition from dairy and animal-based food products that are plant-based and benefit the animals, environment and health alike, Piperleaf strives to ensure that its products are unbeatable in taste even when compared to other dairy or animal-based alternatives in the market. We envision making people aware of the benefits of a plant-based diet and bridging the gap that exists in the vegan food market.

Our Philosophy

Our brand’s philosophy is deeply rooted in the practice of veganism that strictly avoids the consumption of all animal-derived products. This lifestyle is not only a path to lead a more cruelty-free life but also a way to improve your health while benefiting the environment as a whole. It’s the single best way to reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact on the earth. We are extremely proud of the fact that our brand is 100% plant-based, and has natural goodness devoid of any artificial additives, gluten, or even refined sugar


  • Make plant-based food more accessible to everyone
  • Introduce vegan food products that taste the closest to or even better than dairy or animal-based products
  • Enable people to make a smooth and easy transition from dairy and animal-based products to plant-based products


  • Make more and more people aware of the plethora of benefits that veganism offers
  • Play an indomitable role in order to reduce and eliminate the environmental effect, health effects, and animal cruelty.
  • Grow and emerge as the largest vegan food brand in India


  • Passion: Eliminate animal-based food from human’s plate
  • Commitment to customers: Make plant-based food accessible to everyone
  • Innovation: Introduce tasty, nutritious, and high-quality plant-based food products
  • Transparency: Transparent to consumers regarding our ingredients, processes, and product
Founder's Image

About the Founder

Piperleaf was founded by Mr. Anshul Agarwal. A chemical engineer and food technologist by profession, his inspiration for the concept of this company is rooted in his overnight transformation to veganism post watching few documentaries that spoke about the truth behind dairy and animal-based products. Being in the food ingredients sales and marketing industry for 10 years, gave him various ideas and exposure to the industry. He was always keen on starting his own food business and introducing some innovative food products which are better for human health and society.

In 2019, he was proposed with the idea of starting a vegan lifestyle, by his wife. As one morning he decided to switch his consumption pattern, consuming a plant-based diet, the stark reality that nothing comes easy struck upon. The struggle to find proper plant-based food alternatives for dairy, eggs, chocolates, etc. was indeed real. This struggle made him curious to learn about balanced nutrition and the health benefits of a vegan diet and led him to pursue a holistic nutritionist course to better understand nutrition.

As he turned vegan and tried to find alternatives to the routine foods that are plant based, he extensively researched various products like vegan milk, butter, cheese, cookies, etc. His insights gathered post research and his zeal for an innovative endeavour in the food industry led him to quit his high paying regular job to start his own venture of plant-based food products.

Our Brand USPs

As the practice of Veganism is spreading across the globe and more and more people are awakening to the truths behind dairy and animal-based products of their health and environmental costs and the realities of animal cruelty, vegan products are becoming highly popular.

At Piperleaf, we produce vegan alternatives that offer a seraphic experience as we promise a rich taste for our consumers owing to our smoothly blended magic ingredients without the use of any dairy products. Our products are 100%plant-based, natural and gluten-free.

We at Piperleaf follow the 6 No’s with no artificial additives, no artificial flavor and color, no soy, no dairy-based milk, no added preservatives and no refined sugar.



All our products are made from 100% natural ingredients


Cholesterol Free

All our products are 100% cholesterol free

Single Origin

100% Plant Based

Piperleaf is an ethically plant-based food company

Dairy Free


We strictly don’t use any dairy-based ingredient in any products

No Refined Sugar

No refined sugar

All our products are free from sugar


No Artificial Ingredient

We do not use any artificial additives